Deformation Analysis Based on Terrestrial Laser Scanner Measurements (TLS-Defo, FOR 5455)

Project Descriptions

In the following the challenges / projects are briefly described.

Project 1

Global Surface Representation © H. Neuner, Vienna, and C. Harmening, Karlsruhe

Surface Representation and Area-wise Deformation Analysis

Corinna Harmening, Karlsruhe, Hans Neuner, Vienna, and Frank Neitzel, Berlin

Project 2

Calibration of Laser Scanners © H. Kuhlmann, Bonn

Calibration of Laser Scanners

Heiner Kuhlmann, Bonn and Christoph Holst, Munich

Project 3

Measurement Uncertainty © B. Jost, Bonn

Measurement Uncertainty

Christoph Holst, Munich, Volker Schwieger, Stuttgart, and Hans Neuner, Vienna

Project 4

Surface Approximation Uncertainty © I. Neumann, Hannover

Surface Approximation Uncertainty

Ingo Neumann, Hannover, and Steffen Schön, Hannover

Project 5

Distribution-free Uncertainty © S. Schön, Hannover

Distribution-free Uncertainty

Steffen Schön, Hannover, and Ingo Neumann, Hannover

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